T.L. Reed K-8 School

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PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

Be Safe

Act Responsibly

Respect Self and Others

Kindness is the key


What does PBIS look like at TL Reed?

TL Reed Expectations are BARK posted in all areas on campus

PBIS Student Voice Group (one representative from each 4th-8th grade classroom)

Expectations are taught in EVERY Classroom and on Playground

Positive verbal feedback based on student effort and process

Redirect and reteach expectation(s) when needed and (Aug, Jan, April)

Caught Being Good certificate/prize...Announced during morning announcements

Award Assemblies (Primary K-5 monthly, Middle school each trimester) 

Upstander Club (peer mentoring)

Husky Hangout (grades 3rd-8th reward room during lunch recess each Monday and Wednesday)

Husky Success Card (check-in / check-out system)

Counseling services (individual & small group)

Expect Respect is taught (Stop, Walk, & Talk)

Communication Sentence Frames for students to role play and practice

Anti-Bullying assembly each year...

Restorative Justice (mediation team works with students)

THINK before you speak T=is it true, H=is it helpful, I=is it inspiring, N=is it necessary, K=is it kind

SWAT team… Students Won’t Allow Touching

Community service (volunteering in the Cafeteria- rewarded verbally and a prize at the end of the week’s service)

WATCHDOGS … a program to get fathers, uncles, grandfathers volunteering at school

Lunch Reflection Club (time to work and think about choices)

Trimester Reward Times... (fun time for students who meet the criteria)

B.A.R.K. Bingo.....(6-8th grade incentives for positive behavior)
B.A.R.K. Scoreboard...(Classroom competition for least referrals to the office)
Decisions program.....(Alternative Intervention for first time suspensions)
Administration is present at the front gate each morning and in the cafeteria at breakfast and lunch


Administration is present at the front gate each morning and in the cafeteria at breakfast and lunch


PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) is a common approach to discipline that promotes positive behaviors in students.

— It is a systems approach that includes different intensities of supports for those students who need it.

— The goal is to create an environment for students to be both socially and academically successful.

— Refers to a systems change process for the entire school. The underlying theme is teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. 

T.L. Reed School is in its' sixth year being a PBIS school. It is the mission of the TLR PBIS Team to facilitate the effective teaching and learning of positive behavioral expectations and helping each child reach their greatest potential. Through positive behavioral supports, we aspire to teach life skills that enable children to deal confidently with the complex and rapidly changing world by establishing behavioral supports and a social culture needed for all students in school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

T.L. Reed was recognized by the Fresno County Office of Education as a "Model School" and were the winners of the:

2013 Silver Level Award (this was the highest level of recognition the school was eligible for)

2014 Gold Level Award (this is the highest level of recognition a school can receive)
2015 Gold Level Award (this is the highest level of recognition a school can receive)
2016 Gold Level Award (this is the highest level of recognition a school can receive)
2017 Gold Level Award Thank you to all TL Reed Staff, Students and Families!

PBIS goals for this school year...


By the end of the 18-19 school year (May 2019), the percentage of 2nd-8th grade students proficient on SRI will increase by 7% when compared to Sept.2018 scores.

Sept 2016

TL Reed


Advanced + Proficient




Below Basic

SRI total












 Goal  for 2018 will be 41%  (175/427 students)




 Kinder BPST goal 80% mastery. 1st grade BPST 85% Mastery

Behavioral: By the end of 2018-19 school year, the total number of out of school suspensions incidents at TL Reed will decrease by 10% school wide when compared to 2017-18 suspension data.  Base line for 2017-18 whole school OSS suspensions is 31.