T.L. Reed K-8 School

Skip to main content Please remember to monitor your children's computer, ipad, cell phone, Chromebook, ipod... use.  Know what your child is viewing and learn how to keep them safe!  Create family technology rules to follow... limit time and talk about appropriate ways to use technology.  Children need guidance and protection........Parents you may now clear your student's absence by using our link located under the parent tab.


Here at TL Reed students BARK...
Be Safe
Act Responsibly
Respect Self and Others
Kindness is the key
All students can receive a "Caught Being Good" from any staff member... then... each morning Mr. McCollum announces the names and the student comes up to the office to receive a prize...
K-5 have a monthly award ceremony where students receive a Terrific Kid Award or a Husky Reader Award.
1st-5th grade students have the opportunity to participate in trimester reward time, where students get a choice of activities (sports, chalk, art, bubbles, treat).... In order to participate students need to meet the requirements below:
  • 90% of homework completed
  • Classwork complete
  • 3 or less absences
  • 3 or less tardies
  • 3 or less classroom behavior steps
  • No suspensions (ISS or OSS)
6th-8th grade students have a trimester award ceremony where they are recognized for the GPA 3.0-4.0.  After the ceremony students who are eligible receive a reward time.  Each trimester all students start fresh.  
  • Have a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Have 3 or less classroom behavior steps
  • Have no suspensions (ISS or OSS)
  • Have no more than 3 absences
  • Have no more than 3 tardies