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TLR Parent Survey results - 2018


Parent Comments

  1. The cleanliness and overall appearance of the campus had a large number of positive comments from parents. Our custodial team takes a tremendous amount of pride in the appearance of the campus.  Guillermo takes initiative to take care of concerns in a timely manner and follows up with District Maintenance as needed.  We also receive positive comments from visitors who are not regularly on the site about how well it is maintained.  Our students also take pride in keeping the campus looking good.


  1. The second area that stands out on the Parent Survey comments is a staff that is caring and supportive. Specific teachers, office staff, custodians, and administration were mentioned by name for demonstrating their commitment to help students improve academically.  Motivating students and providing feedback to students and parents was mentioned as areas of strength.


  1. The third area of commendation from Parent Comments is about a school that provides a safe environment and a staff that is visible on campus. Parents commented they appreciated the campus being locked during the day and the only access being through the Front Office.  Comments were also made about when concerns were brought to staff members that action was taken in a 


Areas for improvement;

Address Bullying- There was improvement from the previous year in this area.  We will continue to work with our students on “Stop, Walk, Talk” and host the Box Out Bullying assembly for all students.  Bullying incidents may also be reported using the link on the TL Reed website:  reed.kcusd.com.

Drop off / Pick up AreasMany parents have mentioned difficulties in the Cypress Drop Off/Pick Up area.  We will be purchasing additional signs for the area, working with Reedley PD,  increasing supervision, and providing reminders about safety in the area.

College/Career Awareness- The past two years, all of our middle school students have taken a trip to visit a college. This will continue in 2018-19.  Also, in the Fall of 2018 all of our 8th grade students will take the PSAT free of charge.  This will help identify areas of focus for students in high school and beyond.